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Your Logistics and the Encon Commercial Site Selection Team

Supply chain management has become more intricate, more dynamic and more critical to your success and the slightest complication can seriously affect your business, customer relations, timing and cash flow. When you face supply chain challenges the basis is in Warehouse Site Selection. Encon Commercial, Inc. provides a 100% FREE service and gives you the assurance and experience to choose the right warehouse facility, layout, location, and features to successfully impact your logistical throughput. Operational efficiency, logistical integrity, and increased profits first and foremost are achieved by the expertise of a strong site selection team, Encon Commercial, Inc.

Real estate is a one time decision with a three or five-year commitment to the layout. Your warehouse objectives and our guidance can save your time and resources as your business takes this critical step. The distribution industry calls for a wide variety of inter-modal transportation services and it is our goal to provide a facility that meets all aspect of your supply chain system. Take the guesswork and questions out of a new location and go with proven strategies based on our experience and knowledge of logistics by working with Encon Commercial, Inc.

Encon Commercial Inc. provides site selection in Los Angeles and surrounding counties of logistical warehousing for clients looking for unmatched expertise, resources and dedication. Our partnership assures that our clients are delivered a warehouse that meets rail freight, warehousing, trucking, and supply chain management requirements. Our specialized support delivers quick replies, a strong network in the brokerage community, access to properties on and off the market, and the expertise identify and deliver only the warehouses that meet our clients exact needs. Fast and accurate service is our stamp of approval and safe, clean and logistically functional properties are our products.

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