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Encon Leadership
- Based in Values and Experience

Encon Commercial, Inc. extends a commitment to provide high-quality site selection services for logistical warehousing and the leadership to point out the opportunities and risks with each property in the market. We work with your warehouse professionals to customize a logistic solution that addresses your company's supply chain objectives.

Value Proposition - Our Customer's Needs Equal Our Mission! 
  1. In-depth understanding of our client's needs.
  2. Tailored solutions from experienced industry professionals.
  3. Correct application of clients' logistic requirements with the warehouse selection process.
  4. Realization of clients' objectives.
  5. Unsurpassed personal services, and
  6. A long-term partnerships for growth in the market.

With headquarters based in Los Angeles, we provide customers with direct knowledge of
the critical elements of port logistics, the impact of drayage and transportation costs and expertise to maximize throughput based warehouse layout. As your logistic partner, we
offer a long-term relation for growth and a relentless effort to secure a logistical
warehouse that exceeds your operational expectations.


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