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Encon Commercial Provides a Global Logistics Advantage

Maximizing Operations and Efficiencies

Simply put we are not a brokerage firm, but a logistic partner, committed to the long-term success through long-term growth and relations. We take a customer focused approach to your logistical objectives, analyze the needs of your operations, and deliver the best set of possible facilities in multiple market in greater Los Angeles that meet your objectives. This allows us to meet your costs and efficiencies while increasing your satisfaction through timely product throughput. No matter what business you are in, we can make a big difference in your success.

The Encon Commercial, Inc. site selection team holds the GLS (The Global Logistics Specialist) designation and incorporates our transportation and logistic knowledge into every client's warehouse requirements and solutions. As the logistics community in Los Angeles moves towards the complete integration of the supply cycle, the need for understanding the whole process and how it impacts the warehouse is critical. Understanding how the freight flows, where it is at any time, knowing possible choke points, and possible problems spots benefits not only your operation, but also the logistics providers that you work with and how these issues impact your warehouse throughput. Your choice of the right logistical warehouse helps each of your vendors in the supply chain.

Encon Commercial Inc., Partners with the Following Professionals to Secure the Best Logistical Warehouse:

  • Chief operation officers
  • Warehouse managers
  • Logistics executives
  • Freight forward departments
  • Traffic managers
  • Distribution professionals
  • Computer consultants servicing the transportation industry
  • Shippers, importers, and exporters
  • Strategic planners in the transportation industry
  • 3rd Party logistic (3PL) providers

Encon Commercial Inc. Delivers Professional Knowledge in:

  • Global logistics and supply chain management
  • Success via strategy, the strategic hierarchy, and strategic thinking
  • Logistics strategy and logistics planning
  • Logistics from a shippers and vendors perspective
  • Role of NVOCC/FF
  • Ocean carrier freight carriers
  • Harbor trucking and rail
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Small package and LTL
  • Import transaction
  • Quick import issues
  • Domestic and international air carriage
  • Ocean carriage
  • World trade
  • Impact of 9/11 on world trade and U.S. customs
  • Geographic information systems ( GIS) in logistics
  • Transportation infrastructure
  • Information technology in logistics

The Encon Commercial, Inc. site selection team delivers transparency and feedback to every professional in your organization involved in establishing a logistics facility and no matter what business you are in, we can make a big difference in your success, efficiencies and through-put.


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