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Owner/User Investment Strategy

The United States attracts many forms of real estate investments that create sustainable wealth through both income and appreciation. Most commonly we enjoy these characteristics as homeowners in our own residential properties; in essence, paying rent to ourselves and at the same time enjoying yearly appreciation in property values.

However, there is another type of real estate investment worth our consideration that creates steady wealth accumulation via direct participation in the commercial sector of the U.S. economy, the strongest, most stable economy in the world.

By owning commercial real estate, you are a direct steward in the annual economic growth of the United States. The question is how you can derive the income benefits of owning property while at the same time being fully engaged in growing your business in the United States?

The main topic of this investment strategy is commercial real estate, and specifically-- a product line of industrial properties, the same type of industrial property in which your company will both operate and grow within.

It is this industrial real estate that you will become intimately involved with while you grow your business and at the same time you will gain a complete understanding of the features that make up a quality, functional, and economically sound investment.

The reason we focus on the investment line of industrial warehousing is simply a synergy of three important components:

  1. Strong existing demand for quality warehousing,
  2. Construction of a build-to-suit facility for your firm
  3. A partnership with a real estate team that will provide you ownership of a multi-tenant industrial park.

In detail these components can be explained as a) an investment based on the macro and micro demand for quality warehousing in Los Angeles that coincides with the long term economic development of the nation b) a proven model that transforms your company from a tenant leasing space at market rates into an owner of a state-of-the-art distribution facility that will coincide with your company's stable growth and 3) a long term business relation with our industrial real estate professionals that will ensure ownership of a new multi-tenant industrial park providing income from smaller industrial tenants.

We would like to emphasize that the above goals are achievable, and will coincide with your company's fundamental growth and financial strength-- and provide you with a commercial investment opportunity for a lifetime.

The industrial investment program introduced above is further divided into the Phase I, II, & III stages of business development in the United States. Our real estate professional team has identified this method as the most successful means of expansion into the United States.

  • Phase I represents a young company with un-established sales volume that will lease for flexibility and growth functionality sound distribution warehouse space.
  • Phase II is described as a company with an established presence and growing sales volume that will purchase medium sized distribution building with the intention of selling the property in the near future.
  • Phase III is described as our owner/investor with an established and steady sales volume that will trade up to a built-to-suit warehouse, and in addition will purchase a parcel of land that affords construction of a multi-tenant industrial park.

This multi-tenant park is the income property that our owner/investor will retain for permanent cash flow income. In every phase, the objective is to trade up when sales volume and growth are justified. Our real estate professional team is engaged as a consultant to make this process successful and keep our clients focused on the larger picture of wealth creation in the United States. -30-


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