Develop Talent, Lead by Integrity, and Strive for Excellence
the Encon Commercial Advisory Team!

The Encon Commercial team of real estate advisors works in the lucrative and challenging commercial real estate field in greater Los Angeles. Our hiring objectives are one in the same with the level of expertise, professionalism and dedication sought by our clients. As a valuable addition to our team, you are invited into a consulting and solution oriented mindset vastly differentiated from real estate service providers locally.

Your inclusion will provide the excitement, strategic thinking and diversity that each advisor has achieved under the Encon Commercial career platform. The ideas you create and the strategies you employ are the result of a cumulative one-year immersion experience that includes

Placement in both an Industrial and Office Team

  1. Multiple Market Research and Instruction
  2. Mentorship with an Accelerated Learning Curve
  3. Enrolment in One-year Logistics Course and Designation (GLS)
  4. Enrolment in Real Estate Investment Analysis Course and Designation (CCIM)
  5. Immediate Participation in Commission Schedule
  6. Participation in International Opportunities  
  7. Development of a Personal Marketing Strategy
  8. Growth in a Flexible and Entrepreneurial Environment
  9. Preparation for Team Leadership and Profitability

To realize your full potential takes the right environment and the right people.  Encon prides itself first on our professionals and the level of experience, education and integrity, and second on our client list and achievements.

Do you see yourself at the forefront of real estate decision making and as a key partners with international, national and regional companies in Los Angeles. All evaluations are based on your achievements to date and not weighed on prior real estate experience. Encon Commercial has the tools to achieve excellence and the environment for a profitable and rewarding career.


Experience criteria:

Five Years Industry Experience - Real Estate Experience not Required

  1. Masters in Business Administration
  2. Fluency in Foreign Language
  3. Residency in Greater Los Angeles
  4. Full Time Commitment
  5. Strong Ethics and Integrity
  6. A Drive for Success

Please contact Encon Commercial today for further details and opportunities.


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