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Your Site Selection Team

Your Warehouse Site Selection Team

The logistics requirement of today's businesses are increasingly varied and complex. Appointing our Site Selection Team to locate your next warehouse is an effective and reliable solution. Our value-added service is free to clients, designed to streamline and simplify the site selection and negotiation process.

Encon Commercial provides fast, accurate, and reliable information on logistic warehouses in Southern California that make logistical sense (ask us how). We provide information you need instantly, give you complete control over moving forward, and integrate your whole warehouse decision making team into the site selection process.

Customer Focused - Customer Driven - Customer Satisfaction !

Simple put we are not a brokerage firm, but a logistic partner, committed to the long-term success through long-term growth and relations. We take a customer focused approach to your logistical objectives, analyze the needs of your operations and deliver the best set of possible facilities to meet that objective. Our team achieves results and we can make a big difference in your success.

Efficiency - Working Harder, Faster, Smatter, Better . . . . .

Excellence is a perfect logistic system, highly organized, efficient and transparent and the results are remarkable capabilities. Encon Commercial brings the same efficiency, know-how and relentless dedication to your logistic needs.

Encon Commercial Inc. offers a commitment to provide a high-quality site selection services for logistical warehousing. We work with your warehouse professionals to customize a logistic solution that meets your company's supply chain needs.

Your Logistics and the Encon Commercial Warehouse Selection Team

Services Provided to Tenant and Buyers:
  • Strategic Planning and Space Analysis
  • Feasibility/Cost Analysis
  • Growth Projections for Floor Space
  • Multiple Market Surveys and Market Comparables
  • Relocation Studies Demographic Comparisons
  • Site Location Modeling
  • Leasing Analysis
  • Tenant Representation
  • Lease Negotiations
  • Coordination of Tenant Improvement Service

With headquarters based in Los Angeles, Encon Commercial provides customers with direct knowledge of the market and brings to light critical elements of logistics and operations that will save you resources over the long-term. As partner in the site selection process, Encon Commercial offers a long-term relation and a relentless effort to exceed your operational expectations.


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